Canyons Veterinary clinic is pleased to offer domestic and international health certificates, including travel to Hawaii, the UK, and Continental Europe to name a few. Having travelled internationally with pets herself, Dr. Moreau is well versed in the pet travel field and understands the time, effort, and planning it takes to get your pet ready for your trip.

With that said, the first step before any international or island travel is to do your research and learn about your destination’s rules and requirements. The best way to obtain the most accurate information is to consult the APHIS website for Pet Travel. The website is continually updated by the US government and contains the most accurate information available.

Once you’ve done your research, we recommend giving Canyons Veterinary Clinic a call to set up a travel consultation with Dr. Moreau or any one of our associates so that they can advise you on the various rules and regulations pertaining to your destination. Some destinations require months of planning and lab testing prior to travel so that your beloved fur kids don’t get left behind.

*** New UPDATES ***
The Salt Lake City USDA office no longer offers endorsements for pets travelling internationally. This means that once completed by our doctors, all health certificates are to be submitted electronically OR mailed to the Sacramento, CA Office. This has caused major delays for owners if the information is incorrect, as it cannot be changed without re submitting the entire certificate. We recommend allowing 10 days for approval /endorsement prior to your flight, in case changes are necessary. If we’re not your regular veterinary health care provider, please take the time to gather all of your pet’s medical history, vaccine records, rabies certificates, and medication info prior to your health certificate appointment, otherwise we may not be able to complete your pet’s travel documentation.

Link to the APHIS website. Please review prior to scheduling your appointment.

Link to the International Pet and Animal Transport Association – the easiest way to find a reputable pet travel agent / pet shipper.